ABAC Compressors

ABAC Compressors

ABAC is well-known for its full competitive piston compressor ranges for Do-It-Yourself, industrial and professional uses. Plug and play air solutions with a quality label, always available and ready to use.

A39B – reliable power and performance in combination with user friendly features

The PRO A39B range performs more heavy tasks but still offers you great flexibility and ease of operations. The features bring extra value to how you can use your compressor for tasks such as hammering, sanding and professional painting.

B4900-B7000 – double compression providing bigger flows and higher pressure

In two stage compressors, the air is compressed two times. The ABC range has highly reliable components and is seen as proven technology. Furthermore, the durability is combined with the user comfort you can expect from this type of high level performance. As the compressors are providing bigger airflows and they are achieving higher operating pressures, it makes them suitable for most professional and semi-industrial applications such as grinding, wrenching, professional painting, sainting and many more.


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