Blower Purge

Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

PB 210-3390 HE/S

Pneumatech has been manufacturing energy-efficient desiccant dryers for nearly 50 years. We are proud to introduce this new design blower purge heated dryer with low pressure drop, improved controls, compact design and many other features you have come to expect from Pneumatech.

The PB blower purge desiccant dryer is targeted at customers with high demands for energy efficiency and reliability.

PB 210-635 HE (P/ZP)

PB dryers are for customers who focus on energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs, while maintaining the highest standards in air purity. PB dryers use heated blower purge air to remove moisture from the desiccant material and have therefore no purge loss during regeneration. The Zero Purge variants reduce life cycle cost even further by also eliminating purge loss during cooling.

PB 210-635 HE adsorption dryers are capable of drying air to a PDP of -40°C/-40° F as standard and -70°C/-94° F as option for purge units. The desiccant is housed in welded vessels, which are coated and can operate up to 14.5 barg/210 psig (fatigue load). All dryers are standard equipped with 2 coalescing pre­filters before and 1 particulate filter after the dryer.

Operating costs are reduced to the absolute minimum thanks to PDP control, regeneration & cooling temperature control and compressor synchronization; which are all integrated in the Purelogic™ controller. Zero Purge variants are equipped with a purge back-up mode which switches the dryer to purge cooling mode in case PDP could not be met at ambient conditions outside of limitations. The Purelogic™ also ensures maximum reliability by monitoring the most important parameters of the dryer and offers impressive control and monitoring capabilities.



  • Advanced energy management for lowest operating costs
    – Compressor synchronization
    – PDP control
    – Regeneration & cooling temperature control
    – Purge nozzle optimization (optional)
  • Zero-purge variants for lowest life-cycle costs
    – Purge back-up mode for ambient conditions outside of limitations
  • High-quality, high-efficient desiccant, selected for the right application
    – PDP -40°C/-40°F (std): silica gel WR & NWR
    – PDP -70°C/-94°F (optional): molecular sieves
  • Minimal risk of crushed desiccant thanks to the sonic nozzle and the large vessel diameter
  • Counter-current regeneration for optimal energy efficiency and guaranteed dry air
  • High reliability and robust design
  • Low noise levels while purging
  • Designed for transportability
  • High efficient heaters, designed for maximum lifetime and minimal risk
  • Compact, efficient and reliable side-channel centrifugal blower
  • Optimal control and monitoring thanks to the Purelogic™ controller
PB 210-635 HE

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