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What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is a machine that draws in air though an ‘air end’ that is placed in the machine this is turned by an induction motor, this process compresses the air into a receiver (air storage vessel) at the require pressure this air can be used for and endless amount of processes.

What type of compressors are there?

There are a wide range of air compressors on the market these include a ‘screw compressor’ these are the most common compressor on the market, there are also ‘piston compressors these are for light duty’s or to get to a greater pressures, ‘spiral compressor’ these are oil free and belong to the medical industry.

What is normally the pay back for a variable speed compressor?

The normal pay back is between 1-2 years during normal conditions and 4000 running hours per year.

Operating principle of an inverter compressor?

It has almost the same components as a conventional compressor ‘screw’ but there is, of course, a few main differences. A frequency driven compressor has an integrated inverter and often a more advanced control system. The inverter adjusts the motor speed to the actual air demand. This is controlled by a sensor that measures the system pressure that is signaled to the controller of the compressor. The controller registers the pressure and sends a signal to the inverter which then regulates how much air the compressor needs to produce in order to keep the set pressure.

How does an inverted compressor save energy?

Because an inverter/frequency driven compressor is not producing more air than needed. A conventional compressor works within a pressure band. When reaching the higher pressure the machine goes into unload mode (the motor is running but no air is produced). When reaching the lower pressure value the compressor starts to build up pressure again until it reaches its unload pressure again. An inverter/frequency driven compressor has less unload time and works towards a set pressure value, this makes the inverter compressors in general 30% more energy efficient than a conventional load/unload compressor.

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