New Worthington Compressor Installation

Feb 18, 2022

CAS Products have supplied and fitted a brand new Worthington energy efficient variable speed screw compressor model RLR125V to a major flour manufacturer in Yorkshire.

This model is fitted with 90KW variable speed motor and delivers up to 583cfm, it will be the primary machine within the flour mill, replacing numerous smaller units.  The upgrade will help our customer save money in off-load power consumption and repair costs

This Worthington compressor is one of the largest units ordered by our customer who also has Worthington Compressors at other sites,  all are performing very well

CAS Products will also provide full 24/7 back up cover 

If you’d like more information regarding Worthington’s range of variable speed compressors and how CAS Products can help your business save money –  please contact us

Worthington Variable Speed Compressor