New Worthington Compressors fitted in state-of-the-art factory in North West England

Aug 31, 2020

CAS Products recently supplied and fitted three new compressors in to one of the largest factories in the North West of England with 110,000 sq ft covering a 6.5 acre site.

The state-of-the-art facility required a robust, ultra energy efficient system that would help with their high specification laser work – carbon steel cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting.

The solution was three new Worthington compressors, a receiver and dryer. The computerised compressors were controlled by Worthington 24/7 control panel comprising of three complete King Mains with drops and isolation valves, linked to the customers computer system and analysis.

Additionally, we undertook pipework – gas pipes: oxygen, argon and nitrogen.


  • System capable of high performance able to meet requirements
  • Reliability
  • Able to link with internal computer system
  • Energy Efficient
  • Gas pipework for oxygen, argon and nitrogen
  • Three new Worthington compressors, receiver and dryer
  • Computerised compressors linked to Worthington 24/7 control panel
  • Highly skilled engineers fitting pipework
  • Ultra energy efficient system
  • Integrated computerised system allowing for on-going monitoring and analysis
  • Ongoing maintenance support from highly experienced engineers

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