New Worthington ECOntrol 6 Control Panel increases efficiency and saves money

Aug 31, 2020

We were recently approached by a customer who asked if we could make his existing system, comprising of three air compressors, more energy efficient and cost effective.

Our engineer’s on-site inspection confirmed that we could indeed improve the system to make it more energy efficient and save the customer money.

We chose to install a new Worthington ECOntrol 6 control panel, a state-of-the-art system with impressive features, an ideal solution for multiple compressors:

  • will control up to six compressors through CAN/LAN network
  • controls the network from a central transducer
  • has multiple band settings
  • allows online monitoring directly to the customers computer
  • fully automatic 24/7

The improvement in energy efficiency and cost savings has resulted in a very happy customer.


Are you interested in improving energy efficiency and saving money?

If you are invested in improving efficiency and saving money and would like one of CAS Products highly experienced engineers to carry out an inspection of your existing system, please contact us on 01204 571128 or email us.

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