Compressor and dryer installation for prestige food company

Feb 25, 2022

This week we were asked to supply new compressors to a large multi national food manufacturer.
CAS has supplied and installed one new Worthington fixed speed screw compressor model RLR75, fitted with 55 kw motor; and one Worthington variable speed screw compressor, model RLR75V, with integral invertor.

CAS also supplied a Pneumatech desiccant dryer as part of the system, which has a 40 deg dewpoint complete with food quality filters and oil/water separator

This new system will be more energy efficient for our customer, and leaves an option for a 3rd compressor in the future

This particular customer has production plants all over the UK and CAS have been happy to partner with them for installations at other sites.

The compressors will work 24/7 and CAS will give full 24/7 back-up cover.
CAS can provide ongoing maintenance and emergency cover nationwide for all of our installations, and we regularly undertake work for prestige food companies in the UK

Should you have any requirements concerning compressed air systems, please contact us



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